Size guide

Helping you find the perfect fit

Our GrowGrows are designed to be a nice comfortable fit for your little one. That means not too tight, with plenty of room to grow.

And, better yet, our handy SleepySocks means you’ll get plenty of wear out of them even when they start to grow out of them too.

GrowGrow’s size Little one’s weight Little one’s height
Newborn Up to 4.1kg / 9lbs Up to 56cm
0-3 months 5.7kg / 12lbs 6oz 56-62cm
3-6 months 7.4kg / 16lbs 3oz 62-68cm
6-9 months 8.8kg / 19lbs 4oz 68-74cm
9-12 months 9.9kg / 21lbs 8oz 74-80cm
12-18 months 11.3kg / 24lbs 9oz 80-86cm
18-24 months 12.4kg / 27lbs 3oz 86-92cm
2-3 years 92-98cm
3-4 years 98-104 cm