How it began

GrowGrows founders, Eddie and Joe, have been friends for a long time.

A time before babies.

A time when Joe could drop Eddie a text and at the drop of that hat they’d be enjoying a beer together.

That was before Eddie had his first child, mind. Well, Eddie didn’t, obviously, Eddie’s wife did.

As a new father, Eddie found himself knee deep in smelly nappies, laying awake in the middle of the night listening out for the baby to make even the smallest of noises so he could finally get back to sleep and sporting the world’s biggest bags under his eyes.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, Eddie loved being a new father. It’s such a special, life-changing time but there was one niggle that annoyed him, daily… baby clothes.

If you’re a parent, you know the drill by now:

  • meticulously lining up the poppers on the baby grow, spending precious sleeping time fastening them up one-by-one, to find you’ve gone awry and needing to start over
  • the baby crying each and every time you put the baby grow over their head
  • the fumbling around in the pitch black trying to change the nappy and fasten the baby grow back up, wondering why can’t there just be a simple zip

You just need to put this bit over their head and pop those little poppers by the collar there. And then the buttons are on the back – yeah, they’re just for show. And just so you know, it was actually designed for those to be on the front. Yep, just pop the legs through here. Forgot to put the socks on? Ah, yeah, sorry, you’ll need to removal all of those items of clothing and start again.

In the end, whenever Eddie dressed his daughter – she’d be in baby grows. After all, if he can wear his comfies why can’t she? He thought.

And, that’s where the idea began.

The idea of better baby grow.

So, Eddie called Joe…

Eddie: “Fancy a pint? … I’ve had this idea about creating the world’s best babygrow.”

Joe: “But, you work in cyber-security, Eddie?”

Eddie: “Yes, I know, but you’re a product guy, aren’t you? You’re in the business of making products?”

Joe: “Yes, Eddie. Making and selling cold coffee… not baby grows”.

Eddie: “But, how hard can it be?”

Well, quite hard, it turns out.

Within the space of a few pints, Eddie and Joe had mapped out what they thought would be the world’s best baby grow.  One that had the best material and features just to make life that little bit easier – mostly just for Eddie’s benefit, but hopefully the world’s:

  • A full length zip for easy on and off
  • Foldover mitts, just in case
  • SleepySocks – to keep their feet toasty warm when needed or free to roam
  • Sustainably sourced, so you know where it’s come from
  • Super-soft – because, well, it’s your baby.

And then, of course, some designs that make you swoon.

Eddie and Joe spoke to a lot of Mum’s (and we mean a LOT) about what they wanted in their baby grows and the designs.

It turns out, everyone wants something that little bit different… so they created the three staples of the GrowGrow’s offering to give parents unrivalled choices of the world’s best baby grow:

  • the Bold Collection – because maybe your baby isn’t screaming because they’re hungry or tired. Maybe they just want some clothes to match their attitude?
  • the Beautiful Collection – because maybe it’s time we made mud, tears, snot and poop covered clothes, cute
  • the Bedtime Collection – because maybe we can’t promise we’ll help you feel any less tired,  at least your baby will look the cutest they’ve ever been whilst screaming in your face

But, more than that – Eddie and Joe knew that GrowGrows could also be something more than just baby grows. So, they set about finding out ways to make the world a better place. You can read more about that, here.

And, now you know a little about us, we’d love to know more about you.

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